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What kind of Lantern customs do you like?

2018-3-2    Editor:TP

Happy Lantern Festival !


Lantern Festival always falls on the fifteenth day of the first month in Chinese lunar calendar (usually between January and February). According to Chinese tradition, on this day the Spring Festival comes to the end and the moon presents its first full look in a new year, thus it is considered as a joyous festival of reunion.

Custom of Lantern Festival

For more than 2000 years, Chinese people hold all kinds of activities to cerebrate this festival such as lantern shows, guessing lantern riddles, setting off fireworks, admiring the full moon, and having a feast of sweet dumplings with family members.

As time goes on, some more celebrations are held to add the festive joyousness: dragon lantern dance, lion lantern dance, walking on stilts, land boat dance, yangko dance, drum beating etc.