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Chinese researchers demo windows which insulate while generating electricity

2018-7-5    Editor:Edith

Researchers from the South China University of Technology  have demonstrated that semitransparent organic photovoltaics (ST-OPVs) can be added to windows to cool building interiors while generating power


‘ST-OPVs have attracted extensive attention due to their potential for integration into the windows of buildings. Herein, we propose a dual-functional ST-OPV device that is not only highly efficient but also very effective for heat insulation.p,’ say the researchers.

By introducing non-fullerene acceptor with enhanced near-infrared absorption and distributed Bragg reflectors for selectively enhancing the transmittance in visible wavelengths while keeping high reflectance for near-infrared light, the ST-OPVs generate over 6% power conversion efficiency with high visible light transmission of over 25% and outstanding infrared radiation rejection rate of over 80%.

Properly designed ST-OPVs can be used not only for generating power from sunlight but also for solar shading and heat insulation, which opens up a new application of OPVs for both energy harvesting and saving.

Source from:electronicsweekly