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Europe should lead the world on internet regulation, says Macron

2018-5-28    Editor:Edith

Europe should lead the world in Internet regulation, Emmanuel Macron, President of France, told a tech audience in Paris yesterday.

Macron,internet regulation

“For me, the U.S. model is not sustainable because there’s no political accountability,” said Macron, “on the other side, you have a very strong Chinese model. But this model has not the same values as the ones we have.” 

Macron told an audience including the CEOs of IBM and Microsoft that US regulation is too lax and China’s regulation is too restrictive.

“I don’t want my people, my citizens, my start-ups being regulated under de-facto dominance of a sort of a Chinese regulation,” said Macron.

Macron is also pushing a plan for higher  taxes on the GAFA companies and for more stringent regulation against hate speech on the internet.

Source from:electronicsweekly