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Two Layer Type Heat Retention Lunch Box Heat Insulated Bag Handbag Shoulder

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Product Description

KEEPS FOOD FRESH – Hot, warm or cold foods. The inside is processed with aluminum for keeping insulation and cooling, it is less affected by the outside temperature. Because it is a heat insulating structure, it has cold insulation and heat retention effect.


Cold or Hot Items

This great bag allows for frozen or cold food items, ensuring that you keep everything cold for the ride home from the grocery store. You will be amazed at how much you can get into this heavy duty insulated grocery bag. And remember, the insulated lining on these bags will also keep hot foods hot, so it's also terrific for picking up dinner on the way home at your favorite spot, and actually getting it home hot and ready to eat. Insulated PEVA lining keeps everything at ideal temperature to transport home.


TWO ZIPPERS / TWO COMPARTMENTS – Two compartment, two zipper design to keep hot and cold foods separate

It is compact size convenient for putting out lunch. It is convenient to carry. Because it is compact, it is perfect for carrying around your lunchbox, it is ideal for school, commuting, picnics and more.


Suit for these Scenes

They are also perfect for picnics, for the beach, pool side, for your lunch and more. Nice, large capacity with heavy, wide, poly web handles makes this a durable, strong bag that you will reach for time and time again.

Major function

THERMAL INSULATION : Keeps food HOT or COLD. Great for transporting frozen foods and hot food from the grocery store to your home or kitchen. Keeps hot Items hot and cold Items cold.