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Natural Latex Pillow

Price: $52.66

Size:  16.3 x 6.4 x 6.3 inches

Weight:  3.53 pounds


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Product Description

Natural Latex Pillow, Granule Message Pillow for Improvement of Insomnia Snoring Treatment Neck Message, Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, Anti-mite dust Breathable Pillow.


  • Latex flexibility and fit, allowing latex pillows to adapt to different groups of people naturally adapt to the sleeper's posture. Natural latex can also improve neck pain and insomnia caused by sleep.


  • Correction function: Can automatically adjust the poor sleeping position, so that the cervical relaxation recovery, which has a correction.

  • Breathable and anti-bacterial: The special molecular structure of latex with good comfort, breathability, anti-mold, dust-proof, anti-mite, inhibit the breeding of bacteria and parasites, open latex multi-air bag structure per cubic inch 250000 internal connected breathable Holes, so that the air in the pillow free circulation, can be dispersed in sleep and skin contact with the pillow generated heat, sweat, sleep comfort and dry.