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Waterproof Umbrella, Invisible Skeleton Inverted & C-Shape Handle & Carrying Bag for Free Hands

Price: $22.99

Size:  32 x 3.7 x 2 inches

Weight:  1.1 pounds


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Product Description


Have you ever got into troubles in rainy days? 

  • For mothers, how to hold an umbrella when having a baby in arms? 

  • For passengers, how to avoid making others wet when you jump on a crowded bus or subway with an umbrella? 

  • For drivers, how to prevent the umbrella from getting your car seats wet when you get in? 

  • For businessmen, how to make a phone call when you lift a briefcase? 

  • For students, how to play with smartphones when holding an umbrella and a bag at the same time? 


Innovative Designs Help You Out Of These Troubles: 

  • C-shape Hand Grip: Holding an umbrella with your wrist, you can free your hands to use your cell phone, or even hold a baby. 

  • Dual Layer Design: Successfully prevent car seats from getting wet, or avoid making other passengers wet when standing close on the bus or subway. 

  • Reverse Opening and Folding Design: It opens and closes in a reverse way compared to common umbrellas, so that you will hardly get wet when you get in/off a car. 

  • Stand Up On Its Own: Easy to place, it can stand up on its own when closed, saving much space for you. 

  • Water Repellent Fabric: Protect you from rain, strong wind, snow, drip permeation and ultraviolet, etc.