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Phone Charger Mini Video Recorder For Home and Office Surveillance

Price: $31.85

Size:  6 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches

Weight:  1.44 ounces


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Product Description


  • Monitoring: Using the camera as a baby monitor, nanny camera, pet monitor to make sure everything are safe,and healthy in your cares. Monitoring your home,office or other indoor.

  • Completely Hidden: This hidden camera looks and functions exactly like your standard USB phone charger with no indications that it doubles as a hidden camera.

  • Motion Detection: Our camera has a special motion detection function so you never have to worry about wasting precious memory card space recording nothing. And with the special loop recording function, if your memory card becomes full, the camera will automatically overwrite the earliest files so you can continue to record.

  • High Definition Video: Our camera records in 1080P high definition at 30 Frames Per Second for nice smooth video playback. Video files are recorded in 5-minute segments so you can easily find the footage.


You can watch what’s going on at home, work at all times - and enjoy remote protection, security, and accuracy of recording when and where you need it most.

  • Simple to use,it plugs easily into any standard AC wall outlet;

  • Perfectly inconspicuous, it charges iPhones and Androids just like any regular charger and with 1.5A charging power;

  • Records 16-24 hours of footage;

  • Loop recording feature automatically overwrites oldest files when memory is full, thus ensuring continuous recording;

  • Motion Detection up to 20 feet with 90 degree angle;

  • Advanced 9712 lens;

  • 1080P HD video resolution;

  • Compatible with iOS iPhone, Android'

Home and family security are, without a doubt, uppermost in your mind. 


Ease of operation:

This product does not require a button, you can shoot automatically when you turn on the power. It is also applicable to beginners who are not good at machine, easy recording by outlet connection. You can record all day without worrying about power outage. (The heat generation of the product at the time of use is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured.) 

Synchronization Recording:

You can shoot while charging, and realize long-time recording without worrying about power loss. You can optionally deploy a mobile power supply or adapter, and take a picture for a long time when connected to a power supply Recording.