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Wireless Charging Mouse Pad just for Samsung or Iphone

Price: $18.37

Size:  12.1 x 8.7 x 1.2 inches

Weight:  13.8 ounces


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Product Description

What is Wireless Charging?

With a Qi Wireless Charger accompanied with Qi Wireless Charging compatible device, simply place your phone on the charger. It will magically charge up your phone without connecting your phone to a cable.


  • Non-slip Pattern On the Back: Slip rubber shading, high toughness, not deformed, desktop and strong grasping attached

  • Facade Striae:  Leather-wrapped, delicate smooth, feel comfortable, playing silent

  • Safety Quality Exquisite Rendering: Compliance with CE, ROHS certification standards, Life waterproof design

  • Quickly Charging, High Conversion Rate: Suitable for all eligible QI standard market brand products

  • USB Port: Connect the date cable that you can use the wireless charging function, easy to operate,and provides fast charge function when connect the DC power.


How to use?

Plug in USB wire - Connect one side to the USB Port on computer / laptop/DC power, then the 6 pin micro usb side into the mouse pad.

Place it down - Put your wireless charging enabled phone onto the pad and enjoy wireless charging.


  • The package does NOT include wireless charging receiver and power adapter.

  • Please use original usb cable for charging.

  • The protective case is normally suggested to be removed if it is too thick during charging as it will affect charging or may lead to overheating.

  • Wireless charging speed will be slower than cable charging due to different charging technology.