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6 Port USB Charging Station USB Hub Splitter Charger Stand Organizer

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Product Description

6 Port USB Charging Station USB Hub Splitter Charger Stand Organizer for phones, tablets and wearable devices.

  • CHARGING STATION: Organized Neatly on Desk and Easier Charge Without Socket. Simply connect your own charging cable and this powerful charging station will charge up to 6 devices, including iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S Plus, iPhone 6/6S, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Galaxy S7 Edge/S7, NOTE, Nexus, LG, Kindle and etc.

  • CLEAN & ORGANIZED: No more cluttered cables. No need to plug a bunch of chargers to your power outlet for every phone and tablet you have. Our 6 port USB charging station dock keeps everything in one place – nice, clean and organized. Note that, the short cables and Apple watch charger displayed in the pictures are not included in the package. You can use your own cable or check out flexible silicon lightning and microUSB cables.

  • SAFE & STEADY CHARGING: Charge your devices while they are securely resting in their own 3/4 inch anti-sliding silicone padded slots without taking the cases off or taking up your desk space. Rubber feet keep entire charging station steady on surface. Its cutting-edge built-in surge protection protects against overcharging, short-circuit, surges, over voltage, over current, and overheating. Ensuring the delivery of steady power output to each device.



1.Remove the power card and holders from the packing box

2.Plug one end of the power cord into the device

3.According to the number of the required support,and the thickness of the device,and install the holder

4.The other end of the power cord should be inserted in the power socket

5.Charge the device through the USB charging cable


1.please check if the supply voltage is between 100-240V before use

2.This product cannot work under high temperature and humidity environment.

3.if the product is in trouble,please stop using it immediately.

4.do not arbitrarily replace parts.

5.please keep these products away from children.