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Pest Control Ultrasonic Non-Toxic,Tasteless Safe Non-toxic Repellent 6 PACK

Price: $26.99

Size:  3.4 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches

Weight:  15.8 ounces


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Product Description

Repels Cockroaches,Spiders, Rats, Mice, Roaches, Mosquitoes,Mites and Other Insects with Non-Toxic,Tasteless Safe Non-toxic Repellent.


  • Upgraded Technology for Pest-free Life: It applies the newest ultrasonic technology to extremely irritate the hearing and the nervous system of Mice, Spiders, Roaches,  Ants, Mosquitoes, Flies, Fleas, Bugs to make them uncomfortable, which drives them away from your home. And they will no longer come back.

  • Safe & Eco-friendly: Protects your home from pests without using dangerous chemicals or sprays. No poison, no smell, no radiation. It is 100% safe for your family members and lovely pets. It only escape pests, not kill them, thus no nasty dead insects or rats will be left behind for you to deal with.


  • Easy to install & Quiet: Easy to install, just plug in a wall socket 10-30 inches away from the floor and it will do the rest by itself. Since the sound emits from this unit is inaudible to human, cats and dogs, it won’t make any noise when it is working.

  • Large Coverage Area & Cost-effective: One unit covers area of 1200 Square Feet. Since ultrasonic can not penetrate wall, one room one unit is advised. Additional unit is needed in larger storage area, such as, basement, garage and warehouse.


It is a cost-effective pest control solution compared with the expensive pest control service, and the power consumption of it is pretty low.