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Kids Enlightenment Wooden 48 Piece Puzzle

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Product Description

Kids Enlightenment Wooden 48-Piece Puzzle (PUZZLE-1 / PUZZLE-2 / PUZZLE-3 / PUZZLE-4)


  • 48 PIECES OF FUN: Featuring a collage of classic color and figure, this colorful jigsaw puzzle will thrill the entire family with fun and entertainment everyone can enjoy!

  • A MEMORABLE PIECE: With his seemingly endless supply of ideas and creativity, Charlie Girard is one of our most popular puzzle designers and the creator of fantastic & unique collage puzzles.

  • Educational Toys: Stress reliever for adults. Ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in boys and girls. Inspire open-ended thinking, Encourage kids hand to eye coordination, concentration, and an understanding of spatial relationships and to see new possibilities. Prefect family game, especially fit adults and children to play it together.

  • MORE TO PUZZLE BUILDING: Art jigsaw puzzles are a fun, inexpensive way to enjoy beautiful works of art first hand! Use to boost skills: hand-eye coordination, motor skills, problem solving, etc.

  • Bringing Family & Friends Together: Putting puzzles together is a timeless activity that can bridge generations. No matter the age working together with family & friends to solve a jigsaw puzzles is extremely rewarding. Not only do you have a chance to work together to accomplish something, there is lots of time to talk with one another & grow closer.


Big, Sturdy Puzzle Pieces for Little Hands

Children will need lots of 'space' to assemble this puzzle! this floor puzzle features big, extra-thick pieces that are easy for little hands to handle. The easy-clean surface keeps the puzzle looking new, so children (and adults!) can have fun building it time and time again. As they do, they'll also be developing hand-eye coordination, matching, fine motor, and problem-solving skills. Featuring beautiful full-color illustrations of the planets, the sun, the moon, and more, this 48-piece floor puzzle encourages kids to think cosmically. The detailed original artwork will help them learn about the solar system and the names of the planets while promoting curiosity and a sense of exploration.